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Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Artikelnummer: STU-15369000

Överlevnadskniv från tyska Mil-Tec med många olika tillbehör. Rekommenderas!!

Survival knife made of black stainless steel. The blade has a concave cut on the other side dual rows saw. A steel handle is hollow with hidden items necessary for survival in woods, mountains, etc. Metal, shockproof handle cap has rubber seal, built-in compass and attached a nylon cord, which can be used to wrap the handle.
The composite sheath has also: the blade with bottle opener, folding slingshot, a whetstone and extra nylon cord.

The capsule can be found:
- Adhesive plaster
- Pencil
- Needle and thread
- Scalpel
- Matches
- Safety pin
- Tweezers
- Fish hooks, lead weights, fishing line

Technical Data: Overall Length: 27.5 cm
Blade Length: 16 cm
Blade thickness: 4 mm