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ASP T60 Duty Ballistic Scabbard Batonghölster

  • 895 kr
  • 795 kr
Finns i lager
Artikelnummer: ASP-52659

Passar Talon 60 cm batongen m.fl.!

Ett kompakt batonghölster i svart avsett för ASP 60 cm Talon Batong, men passar även andra märken.

- Kan roteras i 7 olika lägen.
- Tillverkat av Polymer.

Each carrier must define a compromise between security and speed of presentation. It must provide a level of protection without compromising access. The case must secure the baton without hindering rapid deployment.

ASP Scabbards secure a baton during transport. They allow a firm grip and rapid presentation. Each design is fabricated for a specific purpose. Designs so unique that they are patented. Under the most severe tactical conditions, they have no equal.

These "soft" design carriers are ideal for investigative and security personnel. The scabbard clips onto the belt and securely cases a retracted or expanded ASP Baton.